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How do I find resources for supporting my dyslexic child?

As a parent it can be extremely confusing (and daunting) getting to understand the impact that having dyslexia will have on our children.  Then added to that we really are expected to find the resources that we need to support them.
This post will give you some pointers to where you can start to find resources that will help you and your child.

There are literally loads of resources out there that can help in some way, but sometimes they are not easy to find

There are numerous dyslexia charities here in the UK that can help in some way such as the British Dyslexia Association, Helen Arkell Centre or Dyslexia Action and there are other resources that you may find useful such as blogs which are established in topics relating to certain areas of dyslexia.

It may be that you are looking for a tutor for your child to do some extra study outside of school and there are organisations such as PATOSS that have a registry that will help you to find a local accredited tutor.

The UK Government also has information that is useful for older students regarding getting support at university too.

I have already collated a number of links on the SprintPlus website which you will be able to access by clicking the banner below.

With grateful thanks to SprintPlus for sponsoring this blog article.  If your child needs wants to be more accurate and independent with their reading and writing then SprintPlus could be a useful software tool for school and homework.  Find out more at

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