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I want to learn but I am too tired.

I had an interesting experience over the past two years.
I have been doing a course on training to be a counsellor which has been fascinating.  Every time I show up for a training session I feel like I learn so much.  I feel motivated and it feels good.  The course is very experiential and not overly academic which is something that I love about the course.

Then after a year an exam looms and I find that I am having to revise for that exam.  I get recommendations for great information filled text books which I get excited about reading and then when I get those books in (which are not cheap) I find that I am exhausted after having read a page or two.  It is like all my energy and enthusiasm has been squeezed out of me!!  But I am enthusiastic, I want to learn, but the process when studying on my own is exhausting.
It makes me feel very frustrated, stupid and less hopeful of a good exam result.

Fortunately for me, I have found some strategies that help this process and actually after having done a lot of work on my self awareness, I am more in tune with my limitations and I capitalise more on my strengths.  But I still get tired when I read information in text books and that bugs me!

Now I am not diagnosed with any condition such as dyslexia, but I am pretty sure that having read through the report for my daughter's dyslexia and that because it is often genetic, I am neuro-diverse (thinks differently) and have some kind of visual stress issues when reading.

With this knowledge I can also take responsibility for those times when I have perhaps avoided reading and studying because of these issues.  Even at those times when I have been asked by my kids to help them with their studying and I simply have not been able to concentrate and give them the time that they deserve, I have seen how being undiagnosed and neuro-diverse has caused me to make mistakes as a parent.

I would really like to know what it was like for you to study or how it is now for your child and I would be grateful if you could complete a survey for me that will share an insight into how hard reading text can be for dyslexics.

To complete the survey please click here.

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