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Parents & Dyslexia : Don't dismiss the impact on your young ones!

This article explores how a lack of understanding about dyslexia as a parent can cause our children with dyslexia to live a harder life.

Why am I angry?
I am angry because there is still such an ignorance surrounding dyslexia and more should be done to get the word out there that dyslexia has such an impact in our communities!

I am hearing stories of parents that won't engage with their kids concerns about having dyslexia and as a result the child makes decisions about their lives based on irrational feelings related to their levels of self esteem.
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You will know that I post a lot about self esteem and how dyslexia is capable of causing young people to lack any kind of self belief.  When we do not believe in ourselves our view on the world and it's opportunities gets reduced and we do not live the lives that I believe we are meant to be living.

Check out my video below as I talk about this more.

10 Ways To Successfully Negotiate Support In Schools For Dyslexia.

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