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Self-Esteem, Dyslexia And Coping At Christmas.

Have you ever thought about how having dyslexia can affect your child at Christmas?  This article is going to explore this topic and also give you some tips to help your child maintain levels of self-esteem as we all pass through Christmas.

First up, I have to say that this topic didn't even come up on my radar until I met with my good friend, Valerie Shaikly who runs the excellent Dyslexia Assist website for parents.
We are often in touch, but seem to meet up over a coffee at Liverpool Street Station just before Christmas to have a natter and discuss some great topics surrounding living with dyslexia.

So whilst we were talking, Christmas obviously came up in the conversation and she mentioned about how some children struggle with Christmas due to their dyslexia.  Previously I had read an article on the BBC website about how children with autism struggle because of the sensory overload, but I couldn't quite see the dyslexia angle, but of course there are activities that occur over Christmas that involve reading, memory and processing information.  It is quite possible that challenges in these areas can lead to a child feeling left out thus affecting how they feel about themselves.

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Answer - So that he could draw the curtains!

Don't you just love cracker jokes?  A great British tradition of settling down for the Christmas dinner, and we all pull a cracker, don our paper hats (they are only going to rip anyway!) and start reading out the terrible jokes in the cracker.  Slowly everyone around the table read theirs out and the last one to read is the child who simply is struggling to read what the joke is saying.  All eyes are on them and perhaps it is just not going to happen?  It can be embarrassing and it can make a child feel inadequate about not being able to do what appears to be a very simple thing.

Have you observed this?  Scroll down because Valerie has prepared a wonderful download full of tips that will help you to support your child.

Before we get to that though, I want to share some comments that parents have made about these challenges at Christmas, on the Parenting Dyslexia Group on Facebook ,and share what they do to reduce the impact of those challenges so that they can call enjoy Christmas.

The Hingley Family

"Doing Christmas cards is a worry, so this year we bought a stamp for those Christmas cards."

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Zoe shared how questions written on game cards can cause anxiety for her child and so she purchased a game that doesn't have that problem.

Trish shared with us about how various productions at Christmas such as nativities or carol services can cause levels of anxiety for children.

Amy mentioned how Christmas crackers can cause anxiety because her child wants to join in with the fun but struggles with reading them.

Claire shared how writing a Christmas list for Santa was difficult for her son and so rather than write out what he wanted, they cut up the Argos catalogue and stuck the relevant information onto a letter to Santa.

I really love these comments and I want to express my gratitude to all the members of the Parenting Dyslexia Facebook Group for their support and willingness to explore what can be really difficult emotional challenges with dyslexia.

As promised, Valerie from Dyslexia Assist has prepared a downloadable guide to Christmas and Dyslexia which I would like to share with you.  Please visit her website as it is full of great resources and information.  You can download her guide by clicking here.

I want to thank all of the supporters of the Parenting Dyslexia Blog for visiting and reading the articles that I post and I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year but more importantly a peaceful and restful holiday season!

See you in 2018!

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