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Support for dyslexia in the workplace.

One of the things that dyslexic adults do not realise is that there is support available for them in the workplace via a UK Gov scheme call Access To Work.
As part of my work as a parenting coach I work with adults who are keen to find strategies to manage dyslexia when it gets in the way and to unleash the benefits of being dyslexic.

Recently, I had the joy of being able to write about this in the Anglia Ruskin University Alumni Magazine, Connect. I attended what was formerly called the Anglia Polytechnic University for many years studying for my degree and graduated in 1999.  Many of my fellow students from back then will be in the workplace, have families and commitments that cause cognitive challenges and perhaps brings about feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and stress as life gets more and more complicated.
If dyslexia is a part of that mix then my article in this magazine will be useful to adults having these experiences.

Click here to read my article and go to page 12.

My thanks to Anglia Ruskin University for the cover photo used in this article.

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