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Upcoming talks about dyslexia, parenting and assistive technology.

John Hicks delivering a parenting dyslexia talk.

November is here and we see the end of Dyslexia Awareness Week and Month and now I am preparing for three talks and workshops across the UK that will help parents as they support their dyslexic children through education.

I specialise in helping my clients to improve self-esteem and I use a mix of my training as a coach and therapeutic counsellor as well as my experience with assistive technology.  I believe in a '360' approach in intervention and so often the mental health part often gets missed until it is too late.

So if you would like to come to one of my talks and workshops then please check them out below:

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Conference - November 8th, Liverpool.
I will be doing a workshop on parenting dyslexia and self-esteem. Click here for more information

Decoding SpLD Conference - 22nd November, Brighouse, West Yorks.
I will be doing a workshop on how dyslexia affects families. Click here for more information. 

Technology, Learning and Self-Esteem in dyslexic students - 26th November, Bellhouse, Dulwich, London.

I will be giving a talk about the link between learning, technology and building self-esteem in dyslexic students at the wonderful Bellhouse. Click here for more information. 

Added to this, I am busy organising the SEN Jigsaw Conference for next June with the wonderful Georgina Smith who is a dyslexia assessor and tutor.
We are thrilled to have Neil Mackay and Fintan O'Regan speaking at our 5th event.  So lots to look forward to.  If you would like to know more just click the banner below:

The SEN Jigsaw Conference 2020 with Neil Mackay and Fintan O'Regan

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