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"I listen, I challenge and applaud the courage of my clients so that they leave our sessions feeling empowered, confident and ready to show the world what they are made of!"

I really want to support you in your journey, here are some comments from a family that I recently worked with..

"I can not thank you enough, my son is getting so much from the sessions and becoming more confident within himself, this seems to be working for him right now, which makes me very happy and I also love the fact he is taking responsibility on his own."

Zoe Joseph-Pennant, London based mother of a teenage son.

This is what Zoe's teenage son said about his experience.

"I had some Coaching sessions from John Hicks, to help with life skills and education/study skills. As I am Dyslexic and Epileptic I found studying difficult, remembering things and putting things into words could be a pain at times.
During having multiple sessions it helped my confidence towards doing studying and enhancing my football capabilities which lead me to be more focused on my goals and what to do in life.
Thank you John Hicks for all your help and support."

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